Miss Chill's Vacation Calendar

You’re here because you want to worship me for the next 3 weeks.  You want a chance at becoming one of my good boys.  This is an excellent way to condition yourself to realign with my desires. 

This is the calendar of tasks you’ll be completing for me – impress me and I might take a moment from my holiday bliss to notice you and your obedience.  

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The first day of your conditioning, pet!  Goddess is spending the day flitting between airports today.  Ew.  I’ll feel better knowing that you’re edging for me.  Not cumming.  It’s what I want for you, and it’s what you’re going to do.  Edge along to my instructions.  (Although I bet you already have 🤭)

Grooming time, bitch.  Why would I ever be interested in owning an unruly untended for cock?  I simply wouldn’t.  My preference is a close trim, not fully shaven.  You’re going to grab a mirror, a trimmer and see to it that my wishes are met.  

(No, this isn’t an invitation to send cock pictures.)

Body writing is something I really enjoy, I love making you feel owned. 

Grab a sharpie and write ‘Miss Chill’ on three different locations on your body.  Two are up to you, but one of these writings will be above your pubic bone, above your freshly groomed cock.  

I’m in the midst of Italian relaxation today.  Probably lounging on a beach or enjoying a delicious Italian al fresco dinner as you’re reading this.  Be of use to me, cover my cocktail.  Send $10 to your favourite tribute method below.  This will confirm to me that you do have potential and are worth noticing.

After sending me my cocktail,  it’s time for you to re-watch the original calendar video, and edge along to it, and remind yourself of what’s coming up! 

I bet that ignored cock has been feeling desperate for me. Finally – it’ll get some attention today!  

The first.  Yes, the very first thing you’re going to do when you wake up, is jerk off, to me.   😇

Luck you

And now, I’m leaving the Italian heat for some London kink.  I have big plans here – meeting up with lots of my sexy modelling friends… but it means another day in airports!  Ugh! 

Make my day pass quicker by shouting me out on your favourite social media.  Post your favourite picture of me, tag me, and wish me ‘Happy Travels Miss Chill’.

If you don’t have a kink friendly social media, make a new one.  You can even dedicate it to me!

I know you adore my wardrobe, my latex, lingerie, heels… they all have such an effect on you. 

I’m curious though, what makes me the most dangerous?  Review your favourite pictures and clips, and tell me you top latex outfits. 

If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll want to use them against you 🤭


Just listen.  You’re going to find this difficult, but let’s test just how well I am imprinted into your horny little head.  

Choose your favourite clip of mine… and listen to it while you’re doing some boring menial task, something that stops you from jerking your cock.  Maybe you’re at work, at the gym, sat next to your wife… 

Minimise the tab, keep your phone screen face down.  I want you to throb. 

You can touch your cock again today.  Yay… but at what cost?  

I find CEI tasks deliciously fun to administer.  I love the mindfuckery and desperation that it induces.

This isn’t a pure CEI task, no.. I’m being kind.  This is just me placing strict conditions on your orgasm.  

You’re going to stroke and goon for atleast 30 minutes, and you are only going to orgasm if you slurp up every lick of precum for me. 🤭

What a hot time we’re having together!  You becoming more and more conditioned to me, and me recharging my creative juices and building up my army.

Obviously I’m so organised, that I’m continuing to update my clipsites even whilst I’m away.  It’s time to add to your collection of clips, buy and jerk off to two new clips today.  Isn’t that nice of me? 

I’m returning home today!  And it’s time to prove that you’ve been a good obedient pet, that you’ve followed all of my instructions, and that you’re ready for more. 

Send me a $20 tribute using the links below for my 20 days of vacation, and await further instruction. 

Tribute Methods

Tribute is always going to play a part in worshipping me.  Your well earned money looks better on me, aids my content creation and is allowing me to live my latex fantasy 24/7.  Below are my favourite methods for you to use.