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First of all, welcome to my website and my blog!  I’m hoping to post here 2-3 times a month.  This website is very much still in it’s infancy but I am pleased with what I’ve managed to achieve so far.

I wanted to use this first post to introduce myself a little more and answer one of the questions that I’m frequently asked.  This is also a question I love asking other latex fetishists.

Well, it didn’t start off with latex but instead a big love for dressing up.  I blame Britney Spears and the early 2000’s music videos this awakening. My first love was lingerie – stockings, corsetry and all things silky and lacy.  I’ve always been obsessed with fantasy, and becoming someone else for an evening.

These days I’ve clearly swapped the sheer stockings for latex stockings, but the fantasy element remains and is a huge part of the pull of latex.

My partner is the one who suggested trying out latex, and I was more than happy to oblige… immediately scouring the internet for my first shiny purchase.  I settled on a shiny pair of bright blue leggings!  If you scroll down you’ll see 2019 LATEXnCHILL in the very first piece of latex I purchased!

I’ve now been wearing latex regularly since 2019, and love reflecting back on the journey I’ve taken.  My fetish style continues to develop and I’m having so much fun exploring the way that different latex garments make me feel.  I love enhancing the different aspects of my personality and becoming more dominant in a catsuit and thigh high boots, or becoming someone else entirely in full enclosure head to toe rubber!

And how about you?  Have you always been into latex or is it a more recent discovery?

Let me know in the comments, where and when did your latex fetish begin?

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I was 5 years old and I found myself attracted to gloves. I don’t know why or how it started, but it was always a turn on for me. Which makes for a awkward visit to the nurses office ?. But what I really liked were the long opera style gloves in the old movies. Then when I got older and started getting on the internet I discovered long latex gloves. This evolved into a latex kink in general. I think it’s the sexiest thing a woman can wear. For a long time I thought I was alone in my kink. Turns out NOPE??

well that would be rather easy.. a mans magazine posted a picture of a woman with a black skintight latex top. that sight got me hooked to latex instantly. ok ok had seen some movies with gorgeous women in latex or partly latex outfits that got me going to yet that picture..

So, Latex origin story, bit of a long one, so where to begin.

I guess that the seeds of my fetish were likely sown by the kids cartoon show Totally Spies, won’t bore you with plot details, but long story short, the 3 main (female) characters all wore rather form fitting single piece suits, what I now know to be catsuits, they were also rather glossy, but no mention of Latex in the program.

From there, it would be several more years before I actually discovered Latex, and even then it was more by sheer luck that I came across it, I had not long turned 14 and had my own laptop, I was looking for porn, I clicked on a link and was subsequently redirected to a site called – the site of Bianca Beauchamp.

The rest is history, I now consider myself to have been a fetishist for the past 15 years, though have only started wearing in the past 8 years.

I don’t think there was a specific moment. I’ve been into latex for at least 8 years, probably 10, maybe more. PVC was a cheaper intro. I was able to buy some latex (black / blue ‘jeans’ and shirts, black catsuit) around 7 years ago, but my living circumstances (with my dad) mean I don’t wear it often, and some of it is already damaged so may find it’s way into the bin. I can’t afford to buy any more at the moment but will do when I can. I’m finding my interest in boots (thigh / knee / ankle) growing deeper at the moment. I’ve got a pair of blue thigh highs, black knee-highs so far.

Hard to pin down my earlier memories but I totally relate to the music videos. Britneys catsuit and ‘Liberty X – Just a little’ certainly fueled whatever fire was stirring. Lara croft also had a few shiny outfits my imagination could run away with.

My dad and brother also had car and motorbike magazines where the models looked amazing in all the raunchy outfits. At some point I figured out I love not just the look but the texture of soft and shiny things, latex, leather, PVC, satin, silk, fur to name a few.

Eventually I found Femdom and BDSM to tick even more boxes. I’m in my 30’s now, pretty much always lived with people but finally moving into my own place next week. Can’t wait to finally indulge in all those fantasies!

My realization of what latex was, and could be, started as a search for a pair of leggings with the best fit. This started with basic materials in a form fitting design, evolved to shiny and metallic materials, and then quickly moved to latex, leggings, catsuits and everything else latex.

my journey started with those gloves you use for dishwashing. I was about twelve when I realized that they caused warm feelings, but I was too young to understand what’s going on. Next step: an advertisement for a latex catalogue in a magazin my father read. I ordered it without the knowledge of my parents and managed luckyly to hide the envelope before they got the post… In this catalogue I saw the first person in latex – and the first person with gasmask. This picture took me, bound me. I grabbed the first opportunity to wear a mask. Because I had no idea where to by one (it was in the eighties!) I “borrowed” one at the farm where we were on holidays. Even nearly 40 years ago I feel a bit ashamed about it. But you know: wearing this mask (only mouth and nose, not a full mask) felt so good! Today I own a full face gasmask and it feels still good. My first latex item (red stockings) I bought at the age of 16. And I couldn’t stop it anymore. I tried to and struggled with this “dirty and dark” fascination for years. Meanwhile I understand that I am a fetishist and I love to wear latex as often as I can. But the struggle is still there, smaller, but yes. Last but not least it’s because my wife has no sense for it. I don’t have to hide it but she is totally vanilla…

Well, it sounds odd but I truly believe I was born with a draw to latex and lube. From a very young age(talking 3-5ish)I was drawn to shiny smooth form fitting things and the feel of rubber and plastic on my skin. The first experience I can really remember is my cousin(female and around 6y/o) had a shiny pinkish purple rubber/pvc rain coat that I fell in love with. Being a boy I parents weren’t to fond of it but my cousin gave it to me(I was 4-5y/o) because I liked it so much. I would wear it around the house constantly but couldn’t wear it out anywhere. I would pull it up on my legs and just look at it and be amazed by the look and feel. Eventually the jacket “disappeared” and i looked to other things like baby oil to make myself seem shiny and silky smooth, along with rubber cleaning gloves andrubber medical gloves. Fast forward a few years around 11-12y/o and I finally discovered latex on the internet and fell in love with every lady I saw wearing it. I was a regular to the site latex lol. I wouldn’t finally own a piece of latex till I was about 19-20y/o when I got up the courage to buy a pair of cheap leggings off Amazon and while they only lasted 3-4 times of putting them on without ripping I was absolutely hooked. After the failure of the leggings I was discouraged some so I stuck to smaller stuff for a while.I bought a few pairs or gloves different lengths, a hood, and a sleep sac. I didn’t finally take the big plunge on a catsuit till I was 23 and man how much joy it has brought me over the last 3 years. Looking into another catsuit in the future.

Well I would have to say catwoman in batman returns. As I got older it was women in leather pants as when started going out as a teenager this was big in womens fashion and pvc Jean’s. I then joined leather man groups and came across latex. From that I found latex for men and was curious to try for myself. I first got latex long sleeve tshirt and leggings from a company I’ve no idea what they was called from a catalogue found in a top shelf magazine. I was hooked and the rest is history

Actually I don’t really know the exact point. I do know that I bought latex but they ripped soon. Maybe I need some advice from someone who knows how to handle these peices 😉

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