If you follow my Social media accounts you’ll have heard that my 1 year anniversary as LatexnChill is coming up at the end of the month – on the 31st of August in fact!  I have a few things planned to celebrate – keep an eye out for my updates!  To start off with and after listening to suggestions I’ve had previously, I’m offering a limited amount of signed prints!  This is my first time doing anything like this, so there are only a few available!  You can find them here latexnchill.bigcartel.com!

Deciding to share my secret kinky lifestyle online is probably one of my favourite things I’ve ever done!  I had no expectations when I first opened up my social media accounts and OnlyFans page.

Since last August my latex wardrobe has expanded more than I could have ever hoped – this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support I’ve received from those who subscribe to my pages, purchase clips or without the especially generous few who gift latex for my enjoyment.

I feel like the content I produce (photos and especially videos) have gone from strength to strength over the last year, but not only this… my confidence has come along in bounds, I think you can see this particularly in my clips.  It’s cute looking back and seeing how I’ve developed as a person. 

Taking such a big part of my life online has had some surprising benefits for my personal vanilla life too.  Communication in my relationship has never been better, we’re having incredible sex, and both enjoying trying new things (in new latex ;).  

I’ve enjoyed expanding my skill set, prior to going online I fully admit to being a luddite… but now I’m able to edit photos and videos, successfully run social media accounts and even build (a basic) website!  Having a side project like this has done wonders to keep me sane over lockdown.

I also really doubt I would have started playing the harp (one of my main current passions) without the aid of LatexnChill – from a financial view, budgeting for my instrument and lessons without the help of my OnlyFans accounts would have been difficult. I’ve realised life is too short to not do the things you want to do and that will make you happy, and (yes, it’s sappy) believing in yourself goes a long way.   

Thank you again, and here’s to another year of being shiny! 

Shiny black kisses x